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Georgetown Climate Center Resources to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Changes

With the planet warming and extreme weather becoming the new normal, states and communities are seeking out resources to help them anticipate climate impacts and protect residents, homes, businesses, and public infrastructure from rising seas, heat, drought, wildfires, extreme weather, and other climate impacts.

The Georgetown Climate Center strives to help communities meet these challenges by addressing the legal barriers that communities face when adapting to rising sea levels, and seeks to help localities prepare for the increased frequency, scope, and severity of heat events and extreme weather. The Center also strives to help communities spend disaster relief funds wisely by preparing for the next big storm – not just rebuilding to meet the status quo.

The Georgetown Climate Center provides its clients with broad legal advice and policy options, along with strategies to adapt to each set of challenges.  It also provides technical assistance to selected states and localities.  

Below are some of the public resources developed by or featuring the Georgetown Climate Center. Please visit our sea-level rise and urban heat pages to more easily view resources in those content areas.

Georgetown Climate Center's Adaptation Work

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