This page provides an overview of the steps Alaska is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

On September 14, 2007, Governor Sarah Palin created the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet in order to advise the Office of the Governor in preparing and implementing a climate change strategy for the state (Administrative Order No. 238). The Sub-Cabinet consisted of commissioners from five state agencies: Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Environmental Conservation; Natural Resources; Fish and Game; and Transportation and Public Facilities. The administrative order directed the Sub-Cabinet to develop recommendations designed to help communities prepare for the anticipated impacts of climate change and to guide Alaska’s participation in efforts to address the causes of climate change.

To develop the climate change strategy, the Alaska Sub-Cabinet organized efforts by four work groups: the Adaptation Advisory Group, the Mitigation Advisory Group, the Immediate Action Work Group, and the Research Needs Work Group.  The Adaptation Advisory Group focused on developing recommendations for addressing the impacts of climate change in Alaska.  It was supported by four Technical Work Groups, each focused on addressing impacts in a particular sector: public infrastructure, natural systems, economic activities, and health and culture.  The Adaptation Advisory Group submitted its final report containing all adaptation-related and relevant research-related recommendations to the Sub-Cabinet on January 27, 2010. 

The 2010 plan, which is titled Alaska’s Climate Change Strategy: Addressing Impacts in Alaska, recommends a variety of methods to address the current and anticipated impacts of climate change, such as coordinating implementation across state agencies, adopting or modifying laws and policies, and creating new or expanding existing programs. For example, the plan recommended the adoption of Community Wildfire Protection Plans to reduce the risk of wildfire. The 2010 plan also recommends a number of new or expanded programs, including increasing support for sustainable agriculture.

Alaska is in the process of implementing the goals identified in the 2010 plan.

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The Georgetown Climate Center’s State Adaptation Progress Tracker, which tracks the progress of states in implementing their adaptation plans, is supported by the MacArthur Foundation. 

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Sector Adaptation Goals in Progress or Completed

Get a quick view of the progress Alaska is making to prepare for climate change in different areas below. The first number includes goals in progress or completed in Alaska's state adaptation plan.  The second number reflects the total number of goals in each area. For a more detailed look at progress click here or click on one of the sector buttons below. 

Completed Goals from the Agriculture Plan

Completed Goals from the Biodiversity Plan

Completed Goals from the Coasts/Oceans Plan

Completed Goals from the Forestry Plan

Completed Goals from the Infrastructure Plan

Completed Goals from the Public Health Plan

Completed Goals from the Water Plan



State Law and Policy

Resource Name Resource Type Date
Alaska Order 289: Climate Change Strategy, Climate Action Leadership Team Law and Governance October 31, 2017
Alaska Administrative Order 238: Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet (2007) Law and Governance September 14, 2007
Alaska HCR 30: Created the Alaska Climate Impact Commission (2006) Law and Governance May 2006

State Agency Plans

Resource Name Sector(s) Covered Date
Alaska Wildlife Action Plan Biodiversity and ecosystems, Fish and fisheries, Land management and conservation, Wildlife December 2016
Alaska Department of Fish and Game Climate Change Strategy Biodiversity and ecosystems, Fish and fisheries, Land management and conservation, Wildlife November 2010
Alaska's Climate Change Strategy: Addressing Impacts in Alaska Agriculture and food, Biodiversity and ecosystems, Coastal, Fish and fisheries, Forestry, Public health, Rural, Transportation, Tribal, Frontline Communities, Water resources, Wildlife January 2010

Local and Regional Plans

Resource Name Date
City of Homer, Alaska Climate Action Plan December 2007
USACE Kivalina, Alaska Relocation Master Plan June 2006

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Resource Name Resource Category Date
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