This page provides an overview of the steps Maine is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

In 2003, the Maine Legislature charged the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) with developing a mitigation plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (HP 622, An Act To Provide Leadership in Addressing the Threat of Climate Change). This directive led to the development of the 2004 Maine Climate Action Plan.

In 2009, the legislature directed DEP to develop adaptation options for the state in order to prepare for climate impacts (LD 460, To Evaluate Climate Change Adaptation Options for the State). In response, DEP created a coordinating committee composed of representatives from the private and public sector. This committee was subdivided into four working groups centered around Maine’s built, coastal, natural, and social environments. These working groups were tasked with developing recommendations for adaptation action.

In February 2010 the coordinating committee highlighted the need for adaptation planning; data, monitoring, and assessment; information and awareness; and planning and coordination. The committed presented its report, People and Nature Adapting to a Changing Climate: Charting Maine’s Course, to the Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources of the 124th Maine Legislature. This 2010 plan includes 118 goals to help prepare Maine for climate impacts.

In 2013, Governor Paul LePage vetoed a bill (L.D. 825) which would have authorized the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to work with other state agencies to study the effects of climate change on Maine.

Maine is in the process of implementing the goals set forth in the 2010 plan.

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The Georgetown Climate Center’s State Adaptation Progress Tracker, which tracks the progress of states in implementing their adaptation plans, is supported by the MacArthur Foundation. 

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Sector Adaptation Goals in Progress or Completed

Get a quick view of the progress Maine is making to prepare for climate change in different areas below. The first number includes goals in progress or completed in Maine's state adaptation plan.  The second number reflects the total number of goals in each area.  For a more detailed look at progress click here or click on one of the sector buttons below. 

Completed Goals from the Agriculture Plan

Completed Goals from the Biodiversity Plan

Completed Goals from the Coasts/Oceans Plan

Completed Goals from the Emergency Preparedness Plan

Completed Goals from the Forestry Plan

Completed Goals from the Infrastructure Plan

Completed Goals from the Public Health Plan

Completed Goals from the Water Plan



State Law and Policy

Resource Name Resource Type Date
"Resolve, To Continue Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Options for the State" - Maine SP0733, LD 1818 Law and Governance April 1, 2010
"Resolve, To Evaluate Climate Change Adaptation Options for the State": Maine SP0163 / LD 460 Law and Governance April 23, 2009
Maine Sand Dune Rules Law and Governance June 8, 2006

State Agency Plans

Resource Name Sector(s) Covered Date
Climate Change and Transportation in Maine Land use and built environment, Transportation October 14, 2009
A Climate Action Plan for Maine 2004 Energy, Forestry December 1, 2004

More Featured Resources

Resource Name Resource Category Date
Maine Climate Adaptation Toolkit Data and tools October 26, 2015
Maine's Climate Future: 2015 Update Assessments February 2015
Maine's Climate Future: An Initial Assessment Assessments April 2009

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