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Companies and TCI Agency Heads Discuss Potential for Clean Vehicles and Fuels in the Northeast


Building on the rapid progress of the Northeast Electric Vehicle Initiative, state leaders in the northeast have begun developing a shared vision with some of the nation's leading clean energy companies to facilitate the deployment of clean vehicles and fuels in the region. 

At the most recent Transportation and Climate Initiative Summit in June, state leaders were joined by UPS, Coloumb Technologies, Nissan, National Grid, Tesla, and other leading companies for a discussion that was focused on the need to get more clean fuel vehicles on the street.

The companies emphasized that in addition to developing incentives for purchasing these vehicles, government leadership was what was needed most.

Jim Bruce, Vice President of Corporate Public Affairs for UPS, described the current state of affairs in Washington, DC. as "being locked in a partisan battle," and said that state leadership - like the leadership being provided by the Transportation and Climate Initiative jurisdictions – is important to moving these technologies forward.

The group discussed opportunities for both electric vehicles and natural gas in heavy duty trucks.

More than 70 organizations and companies have already signed TCI's pledge to support the deployment of electric vehicles in the northeast.

Terry Komlos (Nissan), Colleen Quinn (Coulomb Technologies), Jim Bruce (UPS), Dan Esty (Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection), Mark Sylvia (Massachusetts Dept. of Energy), and John Gilbrook (National Grid) discuss clean vehicles and fuels in the northeast.  Frank Murray of NYSERDA (not pictured) moderated the discussion.


Frank Murray, NYSERDA                                David Littell, Maine PUC


During the third annual Transportation and Climate Initiative summit, agency heads also discussed next steps on efforts to foster sustainable communities, improve freight efficiency and make mobile apps more accessible to relieve congestion, promote transit use and locate and reserve electric vehicle charging stations.  Images from the discussion are below:


Kathy Kinsey, MD Dept. of the Environment     Bob Marshall, NJ Environmental Protection       Tom Burack, NH Dept. of Environmental Services           


Christophe Tulou, DC Dept. of the Environment   Michael Lewis, RI Dept. of Transportation    Kelly Speakes-Backman, MD Public Service Comm.


Collin O'Mara, DE Dept. of Natural Resources   Deb Markowitz, VT Agency of Natural Resources    Vicki Arroyo, Georgetown Climate Center
& Environmental Control