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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) provides research, education and outreach to coastal communities to help secure healthy coastal environments and economies. IISG brings together scientists, educators, policy makers, community decision makers, outreach specialists, business leaders, and the general public to focus on coastal issues in the southern Lake Michigan region - 104 miles of heavily urbanized and industrialized shoreline in Illinois and Indiana. IISG's  program addresses critical issues including aquaculture, aquatic invasive species, climate change, coastal restoration, fish consumption, great lakes health, land use planning, pharmaceuticals, water quality, and water supply. Specific research projects, and education and training opportunities are available on their site.

The National Sea Grant College Program (Sea Grant) works to create and maintain healthy coastal environments and economies. The Sea Grant network includes 32 programs based at top universities in every coastal and Great Lakes state, Puerto Rico, and Guam. The programs of the Sea Grant network work together to help citizens understand, conserve and better utilize America’s coastal, ocean and Great Lakes resources. One of four national strategic priorities through 2013 is to improve the resilience of coastal communities to hazards, including the effects of climate change.  NOAA Sea Grant plays local and national roles to inform policy and management, help communities prepare for climate impacts, and support economic resilience and opportunity. See the National Sea Grant College Program organization entry for more information.


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