Transportation and Climate Initiative Update: Regional Proposal for Clean Transportation Reaches Milestone

Facilitated by GCC, the bipartisan Transportation and Climate Initiative is inviting public input on a Draft MOU for a regional low-carbon transportation program to reduce climate-changing emissions and invest in cleaner transportation, healthier communities, and more resilient infrastructure. Read more...

COP25: GCC and U.S. subnational leaders head to Madrid

Georgetown Climate Center is supporting U.S. state and local government officials’ participation in the UNFCC COP25, happening now through December 13 in Madrid, Spain. Learn more about U.S. subnational presence at the COP, as well as events sponsored by GCC and partners that feature state, local, tribal, and regional leadership. Learn more...

Updates from TCI on the policy development process

TCI jurisdictions have shared updates on the regional low-carbon transportation policy design process, including a framework for a draft regional policy proposal and a summary of public input so far. Read more...

Georgetown Climate Center welcomes Bill Gates for energy and climate discussion

On Tuesday, September 10, the Georgetown Climate Center was pleased to welcome technologist, investor, and philanthropist Bill Gates to the Georgetown Law campus for a discussion with a panel of leaders from academia, civil society, finance, industry, policy, and technology. Read more...

GCC's Vicki Arroyo testifies before U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, GCC Executive Director Vicki Arroyo testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on the role of transportation in contributing to climate change and the importance of increased investment in low-carbon, more resilient transportation systems to withstand climate change impacts. Read more...

TCI Public Workshop, July 30 in Baltimore

The Transportation and Climate Initiative hosted a public workshop in Baltimore to discuss and gather stakeholder input on the investments and policies necessary for a cleaner and more equitable transportation system. Read More

Issue Brief: Final ACE Rule from EPA Raises State Concerns

On June 19, 2019, the Trump Administration released a final regulation — dubbed the Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE) — that repeals and replaces the Clean Power Plan. The Georgetown Climate Center and M.J. Bradley & Associates have prepared a brief that summarizes the ACE rule, explores state concerns raised by the rule, and previews some of the litigation issues that are likely to arise over ACE. Read more...

TCI Public Workshop in Newark, NJ

TCI states and the Georgetown Climate Center convened a Workshop and Roundtable on Advancing Equity & Creating Opportunities for All Communities on May 15, 2019 at the New Jersey Innovation Institute. More than 130 people attended the day-long Newark workshop in person, including community residents, officials from state and local agencies, representatives of energy and transportation businesses, and environmental and social justice advocates. Read more...

TCI Technical Workshop, April 30 in Boston

The Transportation and Climate Initiative held a public workshop April 30 at the Boston Public Library, focused on key design elements of a regional cap and invest program for reducing emissions from transportation. Learn more...

Transportation and Climate Initiative 2019 Workplan

Transportation and Climate Initiative states are working together to develop a regional policy for low-carbon transportation. Check out the workplan for TCI's 2019 regional policy design process and learn about upcoming opportunities for public participation. View the TCI 2019 workplan

Resources to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change

Check out the Adaptation Clearinghouse resource database and networking website Go to the Adaptation Clearinghouse

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Nine States and D.C. to Design Regional Approach to Cap Greenhouse Gas Pollution from Transportation
A coalition of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia today announced their intent to design a new regional low-carbon transportation policy proposal that would cap and reduce carbon emissions from the combustion of transportation fuels, and invest proceeds from the program into low-carbon and more resilient transportation infrastructure. States aim to complete design process before end of 2019.