Current Job Openings

Research Assistant positions

The Georgetown Climate Center takes applications on a rolling basis for Research Assistants to support our work helping cities and states reduce carbon pollution (mitigation) and prepare for the impacts of climate change (adaptation). Students working in the fall and spring semesters work part time (between 5-20 hours per week) around their academic schedules and students can work part or full time (for a maximum of 40 hours per week) in the summer. Please consider meeting the following general application deadlines when applying: Fall: August/Mid-September; Spring: December/January; Summer: March/April.

These positions are only available to Georgetown University students, with a preference for law school students (JD, LLM, SJD) eligible for work study. We will also consider applicants from other undergraduate or graduate programs (e.g., MPP, MPS) within Georgetown University.

Research Assistant - Mitigation Program

The Georgetown Climate Center is seeking Georgetown University students interested in working with the Center as Research Assistants (RAs) to support our work to reduce carbon pollution from mobile and stationary sources. The Climate Center works directly with states and the federal government on the development of energy, transportation, and climate change policies.  For example, the Center focused extensively in recent years on the development and implementation of EPA’s Clean Power Plan and continues to support the development and implementation of local, state, and federal policies. The Center also facilitates the Transportation and Climate Initiative — a collaboration that seeks to reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector across 11 states and Washington, DC. RA work involves research and analysis of legislation, regulations, policy options, and government programs. Other tasks include developing reports and presentations, helping with event preparations, and performing administrative tasks as needed. The ideal candidate will have familiarity with energy systems, U.S. energy markets, and major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. To apply please send a cover letter, detailing your interest in the work of the Climate Center and how this position relates to your current areas of study, with your resume to James Bradbury (

Research Assistant - Adaptation Program

Position Description: The Georgetown Climate Center is seeking Georgetown University students (from any undergraduate or graduate program/campus in a relevant area of study) interested in working with the Center as Research Assistant(s) to support our work on a variety of cutting-edge projects analyzing and identifying best practices for how state and local governments are preparing for the impacts of climate change (including sea-level rise, managed retreat, and equitable approaches to adaptation, among other topics). GCC provides adaptation resources for a range of state and local government practitioners through our Adaptation Clearinghouse, an online database of adaptation resources, and other online tools, like our Managed Retreat Toolkit and Equitable Adaptation Legal and Policy Toolkit, both recently launched in 2020.

Given the timeliness and relevance of the material covered by these new toolkits, GCC is working directly with state and local government practitioners in two different states (New Jersey and Louisiana) to provide place-based legal and policy support as they explore managed retreat approaches that integrate equity considerations. RAs will work with Center staff to help in the research related to this place-based work. RAs will also research and write resource summaries and case studies of innovative best practices that are being developed and implemented at the state and local levels to be included in our toolkits, Adaptation Clearinghouse, and State Adaptation Progress Tracker.

Candidate Qualifications and How to Apply: Applicants should be current Georgetown University students and should have strong research, writing, and editing skills and a demonstrated interest in climate adaptation or a related field. We prefer, but do not require, applicants who have prior experience working with state or local governments or nonprofits, particularly working on climate change, environmental, and/or land-use law or policy, or equity and community/urban development. We also prefer applicants that are work-study eligible. To apply for an Adaptation Research Assistant position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Annie Bennett (


The Georgetown Climate Center happily considers requests to host individuals for research fellowships, where the projects align with our areas of expertise and the fellow is able to identify their own outside source of funding. This includes current law students from any ABA-accredited law school seeking a postgraduate fellowship that is partially or fully funded by an external source, such as a Skadden fellowship, Equal Justice Catalyst, Soros, or a program funded by your school. If you would like to explore potential fellowship opportunities, please contact