Convening and Peer Learning

The Georgetown Climate Center hosts virtual and in-person convenings and facilitates peer learning networks to help states, regions, and communities learn from their counterparts in other jurisdictions that are undertaking similar adaptation efforts to build resilience and proactively address climate change impacts. These opportunities also help federal partners learn from the lessons, successes, and challenges of states and communities in order to help inform federal partnerships and assistance. Ongoing peer learning opportunities include our State Policy Forum and our Regional Collaboratives Forum, which is jointly facilitated by the Local Government Commission.

State Policy Forum

Since 2014, GCC has brought together policymakers from U.S. state and Canadian provincial agencies through our State Policy Forum, which provides a space for peer-learning, networking, and discussion around adaptation and resilience laws, plans, policies, and programs.

Regional Collaboratives Forum

Launched in 2017, the Regional Collaboratives Forum (RCF) harnesses the power of regional collaboration on a national scale by providing a space for regional climate collaboratives to engage in peer learning and build new partnerships.

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