This page provides an overview of the steps Montana is taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change. 

In 2019, Governor Steve Bullock issued Executive Order 8-2019, which established the Montana Climate Solutions Council (Council) and joined Montana to the U.S. Climate Alliance. The Executive Order directed the Council to develop the Montana Climate Solutions Plan

In August 2020, the Montana Climate Solutions Council released the state’s first adaptation plan as one part of Montana's overall climate change strategy, the Montana Climate Solutions Plan. Montana has been affected by climate change-related flooding events, drought, and wildfires. The state developed this climate strategy to mitigate and adapt to those effects in response to Executive Order 8-2019. The larger plan also addresses reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advancing the research necessary to meet the state's climate goals, and meeting the economic and occupational needs of workers in industries transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels.

Climate Vulnerability Assessment

The Montana Climate Assessment was released in 2017 to identify climate change trends and climate impacts on focal sectors in Montana. The Montana Climate Assessment reported projections of how climate change would impact the state's water resources, forests, and agricultural sector. The assessment presented information needed to understand the complexities surrounding climate change and identified gaps in knowledge in need of further study.

Climate Change and Human Health in Montana: A Special Report of the Montana Climate Assessment was released in 2021 to examine climate-related health risks in Montana. This first-of-its-kind report assesses how climate change will impact the health of Montanans and provides practical ways to support communities in addressing climate-related health risks. 

Since Montana just released its Climate Solutions Plan in August 2020, these pages will be updated in the future with the progress the state is making in implementing the adaptation actions and goals set forth in the Montana Climate Solutions Plan. 

Other resources from the Adaptation Clearinghouse, which have been developed and adopted to help Montana prepare for the impacts of climate change, are featured in the chart below. 

The Georgetown Climate Center's State Adaptation Progress Tracker, which tracks the progress states are making in implementing adaptation plans, was supported by the MacArthur Foundation. 

(Research last updated: January 19, 2021).

State Law and Policy

Resource Name Resource Type Date
State of Montana Executive Order 8-2019: Creating the Montana Climate Solutions Council and Joining the State of Montana to the U.S. Climate Alliance Law and Governance July 1, 2019

State Agency Plans

Resource Name Sector(s) Covered Date
Montana Climate Solutions Plan August 2020

Local and Regional Plans

Resource Name Date
Climate Ready Missoula: Building Resiliency in Missoula County February 22, 2020
City of Whitefish, Montana Climate Action Plan April 2018
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation Climate Change Strategic Plan April 2016
Missoula Community Climate Smart Action Plan v1.0 July 2015

More Featured Resources

Resource Name Resource Category Date
Montana Climate Assessment 2017 Assessments September 2017

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