Texas has not developed a statewide adaptation plan. Other resources from the Adaptation Clearinghouse, which have been developed by the state and localities to help communities prepare for climate change, are highlighted below.  

The Georgetown Climate Center’s State Adaptation Progress Tracker, which tracks the progress states are making in preparing for the impacts of climate change, was supported by the MacArthur Foundation.


No state-led adaptation plan finalized.

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State Agency Plans

Resource Name Sector(s) Covered Date
Texas 2017 Coastal Resiliency Master Plan Coastal March 2017

Local and Regional Plans

Resource Name Date
Dallas, Texas Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan April 2020
Resilient Houston - City of Houston, Texas Resilience Strategy February 2020
San Antonio, Texas Climate Action and Adaptation Plan - SA Climate Ready October 17, 2019
Austin Climate Resilience Action Plan - for City Assets and Operations April 20, 2018
Austin, Texas Climate Resilience Action Plan for City Assets and Operations April 2018
San Antonio Tomorrow - City of San Antonio, Texas Sustainability Plan August 11, 2016
Austin, Texas: Preparing for Water Scarcity and Drought August 19, 2015
Toward a Climate-Resilient Austin May 1, 2014
Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan June 15, 2012
Houston-Galveston Area, Texas Council Foresight Panel on Environmental Effects Report December 2008

More Featured Resources

Resource Name Resource Category Date
Texas Flood Infrastructure Fund Funding November 2019
Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Fund Funding June 13, 2019
Central Texas Extreme Weather and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Regional Transportation Infrastructure Assessments January 2015
Houston-Galveston, Texas: Observed Trends and Projected Future Conditions Assessments October 2014

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