Put the Power of the Adaptation Clearinghouse to Work for You

May 11, 2015

Building on years of success, the Adaptation Clearinghouse will introduce exciting new features in the fall of 2015 that will enable other organizations to more easily tap into its power and functionality and to provide users quicker access to the resources they want.

New development will include the following:

  • New Partner Projects with ASAP, USDN, & EPA
  • Partner Organizations Can Create Their Own Network
  • New Sector Pages to Make Finding Content Easier
  • New Advanced Search Filters and Much More...

Originally launched in 2011 by the Georgetown Climate Center, the Adaptation Clearinghouse has become a key resource for policymakers, state and local officials, and other adaptation professionals who are seeking to better prepare their communities for climate change.

The Clearinghouse includes more than 1,500 resources, including adaptation plans, guidance documents, case studies, legal analyses, and other science and policy resources. Adaptation professionals have accessed the Clearinghouse hundreds of thousands of times, and it powers the Center's online tool for tracking state adaptation progress.

Users can already sign up for accounts to receive automated emails about new resources in their interest areas and to rate resources for the benefit of the rest of the adaptation community.

Now, after its initial success, the Adaptation Clearinghouse is ready to grow again.


New Features Coming in 2015

Create a Network to Connect with Your Target Audience and Showcase Relevant Resources

Organizations that partner with the Georgetown Climate Center will be able to create their own "mini-clearinghouse" to highlight important content for their audiences. New resources will automatically be available on network landing pages and throughout the Adaptation Clearinghouse.

Integration with ASAP, USDN, and Other Partners to Highlight Popular Resources Among Adaptation Professionals

Initial partners will include some of the leading organizations of adaptation professionals. For example:

  • Working in conjunction with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), the Georgetown Climate Center will launch a local government network in the Adaptation Clearinghouse to highlight resources most useful and popular among local government professionals.
  • The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) is working with the Center to integrate Adaptation Clearinghouse functions and resources into their website. ASAP members will also provide feedback about resources to inform resource ratings in the Adaptation Clearinghouse.

My Adaptation Clearinghouse

Throughout the Adaptation Clearinghouse, users will be given the option to add resources to their own personal clearinghouse so they can access those resources more quickly in the future. The resources shown in a user's "My Clearinghouse" feed will be sortable by the interest areas the user has selected, including sectors and states.

A feed of all resources that match a user's interest areas will also be available on this page, along with a list of activity happening across a user's network pages. The "My Clearinghouse" feature will launch in late 2015.

Making It Easier to Locate the Resources You Need

  • The Adaptation Clearinghouse will launch new sector-based pages in 2015 to make it easier for users to browse for resources, including a water sector page built in coordination with EPA's Water Security Division (EPA's Climate Ready Water Utilities Toolbox will be transitioned into the Adaptation Clearinghouse later this year.)
  • A new search interface will make narrowing search returns easier to navigate, helping users more quickly find what they need.