Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Ports (per capita)

The graph displays the number of public fast-charging and level 2 ports for charging electric vehicles per 100,000 people in the selected states. Public level 2 ports are more common than fast-charging ports. While most vehicle charging currently occurs at home or at work, a network of public charging stations is necessary to enable long-distance travel and provide additional options for drivers without home charging. A single charging station may have multiple ports, allowing multiple vehicles to recharge simultaneously. AC Level 2 charging stations add 10 to 20 miles of driving range per 1 hour of charging.  DC fast charging stations add, on average, 60 to 80 miles of driving range per 20 minutes of charging. Related, Georgetown Climate Center has developed a regional electric vehicle (EV) corridor analysis tool to support state and regional EV charging infrastructure planning that includes an interactive map of fast charging infrastructure along long corridors in the northeast and identifies priority locations for additional EV charging. https://www.mjbradley.com/mjb_form/EV-tools


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Source: DOE AFDC, 2018. U.S Census, 2016.

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