GE Reports: Extreme Weather Events Show More Communities Should Take Action To Prepare For Climate Change

October 11, 2016

Facing our climate vulnerabilities demands focused action. In this article, Vicki Arroyo highlights policies that can help communities be prepared for a future that looks different from our past.

Climate scientists have long known that a warming world caused by carbon pollution leads to more extreme heat waves and a greater likelihood of everything from torrential downpours to wildfires. And in fact, the number and severity of such extreme events is increasing. No matter how fast we act to cut emissions, more climate change is inevitable.

The good news is that we have begun to see firm resolve in addressing climate change at the international and federal levels and in many states and communities. Carbon-cutting policies are imperative to curb climate change over time. But we must also put substantial resources into helping communities prepare for impacts like rising seas, hotter urban heat islands and greater flood risks.

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