MSNBC: The Loudest Climate Change Wake-up Call

May 7, 2014

Vicki Arroyo talked with MSNBC about the climate impacts being felt in every U.S. state and locality. The release of the Third National Climate Assessment report generated widespread national media attention to the risks we face from climate impacts and the solutions available now to start building more resilient communities. The report also features insights on how to curb the carbon pollution.

“We’re already seeing a lot of actions to respond to the impacts people are seeing on the ground," Arroyo told MSNBC. "We’re also seeing more interest in how to curb the emissions that are contributing to climate change in a lot of regions of the country.”

To view the full article on the MSNBC site, click here.  To learn more adaptation efforts in different states, localities, and sectors in response to climate impacts, visit the Climate Center's Adaptation Clearinghouse.