RFI: Americans Fight Climate Change Despite Trump Quitting Paris Accord

May 31, 2018

Vicki Arroyo spoke with RFI radio for a story marking the one-year anniversary of President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

“I think in a way it had a galvanizing effect,” Vicki Arroyo told RFI. “Nobody would say it’s a good thing. But, like any shock that can happen to your system, it sort of wakes people up.

"And because climate change is so challenging and involves all of us, it’s really important for a lot of this work to happen at the state and local and company level anyway, so I’m really pleased to say that that work is continuing.”

Arroyo directs the Center's work with states that are taking steps to curb their greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate impacts.

“I fully expected that the states we worked with were going to continue to undertake renewable policies and efficiency policies and, in some cases, carbon cap and trade policies, and to go even further,” she says. “But we didn’t really know whether or not other states and countries might just pull back and say 'Hey, if the largest historical emitter is not doing their share, why should we go forward with this agreement?' And we really haven’t seen that.”

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