State Net Capitol Journal: California, Hawaii lead way on climate change targets

July 20, 2015

In a story discussing state efforts to reduce carbon pollution and grow clean energy by Lou Cannon, Vicki Arroyo comments about how actions by individual states help drive similar efforts by other states. 

Prodded by the Environmental Protection Agency and led by California and Hawaii, states are tackling climate change and promoting renewable energy, says to the article. In addition to various state actions, the article discusses the EPA's Clean Power Plan and international efforts to reduce carbon pollution. 

Even small states can set an example, and Hawaii’s establishment of a 100-percent renewable energy goal could have “aspirational” value for other states, said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center. ...

Arroyo believes a tipping point (for climate action) could be near. She points out that polls show younger people are more concerned about global warming than their elders — and more convinced that something can be done.

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