The Guardian: The U.S. is the biggest loser thanks to Trump’s calamitous act

June 3, 2017

In an Op Ed published in The Guardian, Vicki Arroyo makes an economic and moral argument for the importance of the Paris Agreement.  The piece also notes that Trump's withdrawal from the global climate deal is galvanizing global action. An excerpt of the article follows.

Life here in the U.S. feels surreal lately, like a very bad reality TV show, thanks to Donald Trump. In no case is this more evident than the president's decision - and the process and theatre around it - to abandon the Paris climate agreement and nearly every other country in the world.
This action will not put "America first." Instead, we risk becoming, to cite an actual reality TV show, the "biggest loser" in a global race towards a new, more vibrant and innovative clean energy economy.

Trump's dubious claims regarding the impact of the Paris Agreement have been widely discredited. No amount of rhetoric will bring back coal and nothing will stop the explosive growth of clean energy jobs. Already, wind and solar employ nearly three times as many people as the coal industry does, according to the Department of Energy's 2017 energy and employment report.

For more of the story, read the full op ed here.