The Verge: It’s judges, not Trump, who will decide Obama’s environmental legacy

January 20, 2017

Reflecting on President Obama's environmental legacy in an interview with The Verge, the Climate Center's Vicki Arroyo discusses the challenges that the Trump Administration would likely confront if it attempts to roll back the endangerment finding. The endangerment finding is a lynchpin of Obama's climate change policies. In 2009, the EPA issued the endangerment finding, based on scientific evidence, that CO2 and five other global warming pollutants are dangerous to public health and welfare.

“I think it would be really difficult to roll back the endangerment finding,” Arroyo told The Verge. “It would be really difficult at this stage to argue in a legally defensible manner that there is not endangerment given what we’re seeing with the Greenland ice melt, Antarctica, the more frequent severe storms, long droughts — many of which have been connected to human responsibility for CO2 and other climate-related emissions.”

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