Washington Post: Take a deep breath and don’t freak out about the future of clean energy under Trump

November 16, 2016

Citing a new Georgetown Climate Center report, The Washington Post examines the future of renewable energy under the Trump administration and the continued leadership role for the states.

“In recent years, as you see in the report, a number of states have expanded or enacted even stronger…renewable standards,” Vicki Arroyo says. “These policies are often popular because they generate jobs locally, they provide a clean source of energy and they create jobs that can’t be exported.”

And for these reasons, Arroyo added, they often garner bipartisan support. Several of the states highlighted in the report have notably conservative legislatures, such as Louisiana and Tennessee. Under Trump, “we might be back in that situation where we don’t have a federal program that’s really driving those reductions, but the states will have a coalition willing to create opportunities to promote renewables,” Arroyo said. “And many of them I think will say that they’re doing that as much for job creation as for the environment.”

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