Federal Funding Compendium for Urban Heat Adaptation

December 20, 2013

This compendium collects and analyzes federal programs with potential to pay for state and local government adaptation to urban heat islands.

As many parts of the country grow warmer, and as residents of cities are especially vulnerable to the public health and environmental impacts of temperature increases, state and local governments must look to creative sources of funds for adaptation.

None of the 44 programs within this compendium were created specifically to address the problem of urban heat; instead, these programs have an enormous variety of objectives, from economic development to environmental protection to promoting energy efficiency.  However, all of the programs allow funds to be used for projects that would provide urban heat relief while also addressing program objectives.

We examine each program for its potential to do so in the categories of Community Development, Energy, Environment, Public Health, and Transportation. For each program, we include information on who can apply for the funds, what activities the funds can be used to fund, amount of money in the program and average size of grant, as well as potential for use in adaptation.

Through this work, we hope to support state and local governments as they work to improve public health, capture energy savings, improve transportation, protect air and water quality, and promote sustainable economic development. 

Federal Funding Compendium for Urban Heat Adaptation.pdf

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