From Planning to Action: Implementation of State Climate Change Adaptation Plans

April 1, 2015

Georgetown Climate Center published this article in the Michigan Journal of Sustainability (Vol. 3, Spring 2015) summarizing what can be learned about the progress states are making in implementing their comprehensive state-wide adaptation plans.  In 2014, the Center launched an online tool that helps users track adaptation efforts at the state level and the progress states are making in implementing their adaptation plans.  The Center's Aaron Ray and Jessica Grannis published this article to provide an empirical assessment of state progress based upon the Center's research developing this tool.

This research demonstrates that, of the 14 states that had comprehensive state-wide adaptation plans as of October 2014, there is significant variation between state plans and with state progress implementing those plans.  The number of adaptation goals in state plans range from 28 to 373, and the level of progress implementing those plans in states ranges from 16 to 87 percent. 

The article describes the different drivers for state adaptation planning and the different form and content of state plans.  It also provides specific examples of the different actions states are taking to prepare for the impacts of climate change and to promote local adaptation efforts.  


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