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Green Infrastructure Toolkit
Using Nature to Manage Stormwater in the Face of Changing Precipitation Patterns


Green Infrastructure Toolkit Launch
September 19, 2016
On September 14, the Georgetown Climate Center released an interactive toolkit that helps practitioners quickly find green infrastructure information, along with up-to-date, real-world examples. The Center also hosted...


Using Green Infrastructure Strategies to Better Manage Stormwater and Flooding
March 2, 2015
On May 2-3, 2015, the Georgetown Climate Center convened local sustainability officers, stormwater managers, federal officials, and other experts to discuss innovative ways for local governments to incorporate green infrastructure strategies to better manager stormwater and localized flooding from heavy rainfall and changing precipitation patterns from climate change.


ClimateWire: Obama says Katrina strengthened the nation's response to catastrophes
August 28, 2015
A ClimateWire piece highlighting the President's comments about New Orleans' recovery 10 years after Hurricane Katrina also discusses a new Georgetown Climate Center report about the city's efforts to rebuild...


Federal, State, and Local Officials Discuss Adaptation Strategies for the Water Sector
February 12, 2014
Seeking new opportunities to use federal programs to help communities adapt to climate change, the Georgetown Climate Center brought together senior federal, state, and local officials on Jan. 31 to discuss adaptation strategies for water infrastructure.


Georgetown Climate Center Announces Support for Nine Adaptation Projects
April 10, 2014
More than 30 states, localities, and NGOs from across the country recently submitted requests to the Georgetown Climate Center for legal and policy support to assist them with projects to prepare their communities for...


Shanghai: Targeting Flood Management
August 19, 2015

This case study examines how Shanghai is addressing flooding and storm impacts by building a levee system along the Huangpu River Levee, expanding seawalls along the coast, and upgrading the city’s urban drainage system to include green infrastructure.


Case Studies in Building Community Resilience
August 19, 2015
Explore how sub-national jurisdictions (municipalities, states, and special administrative regions) in the United States and China are taking action to build resilience to natural hazards, extreme weather, and climate change with a series of new case studies produced by the Georgetown Climate Center and Georgetown faculty.


Developing GCC's Managed Retreat Toolkit (Now Available)
July 15, 2020
Sea-level rise and increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events are leading many coastal communities to confront difficult questions about how best to protect people, infrastructure, and coastal ecosystems from the impacts of climate change. Communities and states are increasingly considering managed retreat – the voluntary movement and transition of communities and ecosystems away from vulnerable coastal areas – as a strategy for climate adaptation. GCC’s new Managed Retreat Toolkit will combine legal and policy tools, best and emerging practices, and case studies to support peer learning and decisionmaking around managed retreat and climate adaptation.


Delaware Gov. Markell Signs Executive Order to Reduce Emissions and Help State Prepare for Climate Change
September 13, 2013
On Sept. 12, 2013, Governor Jack Markell signed Executive Order 41, “Preparing Delaware for Emerging Climate Impacts and Seizing Economic Opportunities from Reducing Emissions.” The order creates a...