California, Canadian Provinces Launch WCI, Inc. to Administer Linked Cap-And-Trade Programs

November 20, 2011

The state of California and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba announced on Nov. 17, 2011, that they are launching a new non-profit, Western Climate Initiative (WCI), Inc., to provide administrative and technical services to support the implementation of state and provincial greenhouse gas emissions trading programs.

The states and provinces are all members of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), a regional collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together on emissions trading policies.

The initial Board of Directors of WCI, Inc. includes officials from California and the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia, the three jurisdictions planning to require compliance with cap-and-trade regulations by 2013. The jurisdictions are planning on linking their cap-and-trade programs.

According to the press release, WCI, Inc. will:

  • Develop a compliance tracking system that tracks both allowances and offsets certificates;
  • Administer allowance auctions; and
  • Conduct market monitoring of allowance auctions and allowance and offset certificate trading.

The press release also noted that the participating states would work with other Western, Midwestern, and Northeast states on a range of other climate and clean energy strategies through the North America 2050 Initiative.  For information about the launch of the North America 2050 Initiative, click here.