Clean Power Plan: Summary of the Final Rule

August 19, 2015

In a recent webinar for state officials, the Georgetown Climate Center provided a summary of EPA’s final Clean Power Plan rule to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants.

The video presentation below highlights key changes in the final rule and high-level implications of those changes for state policy design considerations. A pdf version of the presentation is also available here.

Clean Power Plan Summary Part I

In Part I, Executive Director Vicki Arroyo provides an introduction, and Mitigation Program Manager Gabe Pacyniak gives an overview of changes to the emission guidelines and goal calculation methodology in the final rule.


Clean Power Plan Summary Part II

In Part II, Institute Associate Lissa Lynch discusses the options available for states to design their compliance plans.


Clean Power Plan Summary Part III

In Part III, Deputy Director Kate Zyla gives an overview of the highlights in the federal plan proposal, including EPA’s proposed model rules.


The Georgetown Climate Center has also prepared a high-level summary of the final rule, which describes the changes in EPA’s approach to setting the emission guidelines and explains five ways EPA provides states with additional compliance flexibility, available here

Additional resources for better understanding EPA’s final rule and state implementation options are available here