New Adaptation Clearinghouse portal for ASAP members -- Link your Accounts!

March 12, 2019

The Georgetown Climate Center and the American Society of Adaptation Planners (ASAP) are pleased to announce new updates that link the ASAP member website and GCC's Adaptation Clearinghouse -- two of the leading online resources for climate adaptation professionals.

Thanks to new features unveiled this month, ASAP members can now link their ASAP and Adaptation Clearinghouse accounts and access adaptation and resilience resources from both sites, moving seamlessly between the two with one login. ASAP members who have or create a Clearinghouse account will also automatically gain access to a new ASAP Member Network portal within the Adaptation Clearinghouse. This network portal provides a one-stop shop for users to find resources popular among other ASAP professionals, along with resources highlighted in organization newsletters, produced by members, or featured in webinars. This portal is exclusive to ASAP members, but all Clearinghouse users will be able to see which resources have received top ratings from members, so everyone can benefit from the collective expertise of the ASAP member base.

Here’s how to link your ASAP and Adaptation Clearinghouse accounts:

  1. Log in to your ASAP Member Digest at
  2. Go to the “Interests” section of your ASAP Digest and make sure the box is checked to “Share data with the Georgetown Climate Center’s Adaptation Clearinghouse.”
  3. Select “Find members and resources” from the right hand navigation.
  4. Search a term or keyword related to your work.
  5. Click on a resource result tagged with the Adaptation Clearinghouse logo.
  6. You will automatically be transferred to the Adaptation Clearinghouse, and will be prompted to either log in or create an account.
  7. Once you are logged into the Adaptation Clearinghouse, your accounts will be linked! You will automatically gain access to the ASAP Member Network within the Clearinghouse as well.

Check out the Adaptation Clearinghouse:

Learn more about ASAP: