Georgetown Climate Center Launches Adaptation Equity Portal

March 30, 2017

Two of the biggest challenges facing the United States - and the world - are the growing inequalities that unfairly disadvantage large segments of the population, and climate change, which exacerbates existing risks in our communities. The effects of climate change including rising temperatures, more polluted air, and more frequent and intense extreme storms, will disproportionally affect already poor and disenfranchised people. Policymakers must find ways to focus not only on the physical impacts of climate change, but also on the ways that policies can have a differential impact on certain individuals and communities.

The Georgetown Climate Center has launched an Adaptation Equity Portal within its Adaptation Clearinghouse to help communities develop policies that integrate social and environmental justice. The portal provides more than 200 resources that help identify ways to better protect the safety and livelihoods of those most affected by climate change.


To learn more about the portal, watch the webinar below. This webinar featured examples of current efforts to integrate equity into adaptation planning and a demonstration of the Adaptation Equity Portal. It also included a discussion with representatives from the Georgetown Climate Center's equity advisory group who informed the development of the portal and our recent equity report, and who are implementing equitable adaptation strategies in their own work and communities.

Speakers included:

  • Jalonne White-Newsome, Senior Program Officer at The Kresge Foundation
  • Felipe Floresca, Senior Consultant with the Emerald Cities Collaborative
  • Matthew Gray, Chief of Sustainability at the City of Cleveland
  • Melissa Deas, Institute Associate at the Georgetown Climate Center