Georgetown Climate Center Provides Initial Thoughts to EPA About Working with States on Carbon Pollution Limits

September 20, 2013

With the Obama Administration's proposed carbon pollution limits for new power plants announced, additional focus and attention will soon be placed on how the administration intends to work with states and power companies to put forth carbon pollution limits for existing power plants as well.

The Georgetown Climate Center has been working with states and other stakeholders to understand how standards for existing sources can build on current state clean energy and greenhouse gas programs that are already reducing carbon pollution and providing economic and health benefits to states.  Through these conversations, the Georgetown Climate Center has developed a set of questions for EPA to consider as it engages with stakeholders to develop proposed standards for existing power plants.

The Center has also released a two-page policy background document that highlights the opportunity to build on existing state programs to reduce carbon pollution and the benefits these programs are already delivering to communities across the country.

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