White House Announced New Commitments to Support Electric Vehicles

November 19, 2014

On November 18, the White House and the Edison Electric Institute announced new commitments made by electric utilities and other organizations to support the deployment of electric vehicles nationwide. 70 utilities committed to spend at least 5% of their annual fleet acquisition budgets on purchasing electric vehicles, and over 60 new businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations committed to install workplace charging stations for their employees. In addition, the White House announced that it intends to provide funding to help organizations coordinate their efforts to aggregate purchases of electric vehicles, in an effort to lower the price of alternative fuel vehicles through bulk orders.

These collective actions are in support of the Obama Administration’s EV Everywhere Grand Challenge. The goal of the challenge is for the U.S. to become the first nation in the world to produce electric vehicles that are as affordable for the average American consumer as gasoline powered vehicles.