Working with Stakeholders to Inform Federal Standards to Reduce Carbon Pollution

The Georgetown Climate Center works closely with states and other stakeholders to inform the development of federal carbon pollution standards for power plants and to serve as a resource for states exploring compliance approaches under these standards. This work includes facilitating conversations and meetings among states; convening a series of dialogues among state, federal, and power company leaders; and developing legal and policy resources for states and other stakeholders.

Below are highlights of the Georgetown Climate Center's work in this area.

Supporting State Discussion and Input on the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Air Act’s Section 111(d) provides a significant role to states in establishing carbon pollution standards for existing power plants, and many states have already implemented policies that have achieved significant carbon pollution reductions in their electricity sector. As part of its work with states, the Georgetown Climate Center has facilitated the development of input to EPA from state leaders that support federal regulations that will achieve meaningful reductions in carbon pollution and provide flexibility to states.  

Exploring State and Power Company Successes and Opportunities

Since June 2013, the Georgetown Climate Center has been hosting and facilitating discussions between state leaders, power company executives, and the federal government about the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector. These sessions have focused on the success states and power companies have already had in reducing carbon pollution, providing feedback to the EPA as it developed its new standard, and discussing how states would be able to join together to develop multi-state implementation strategies under the new rule.

See an agenda, photos, and participants list for each discussion:

 Other Events Advancing the Clean Power Conversation

  • Utilities, States, and Stakeholders Discuss the Future of the U.S. Electric Power System (September 2014) – The Georgetown Climate Center partnered with Lazard to hold an event, entitled "Impact of Power Industry Regulation and Technology on Private Sector Investment," featuring industry experts, regulators, and government officials who shared their views on how environmental regulation, technology, and other factors could impact the country’s generation resource mix, utility resource planning decisions, and private sector investment.