CBS Money Watch Highlights the Georgetown Climate Center For Its Hands-On Teaching Approach

July 6, 2012

The Georgetown Climate Center has long been proud of the work that Georgetown Law students do on behalf of the center and its state and municipal clients.  Every semester, students get real world experience working directly with state and local jurisdictions on important climate and energy policy questions - both as research assistants and as students in the classroom.

This week, CBS Money Watch took notice, and posed the question whether more schools should be following suit with similar hands-on learning programs.

Margaret Heffernan wrote the following in her article "Are business schools stuck in the past?"

At the last TEDGlobal conference, Vicki Arroyo talked inspiringly about the work she's doing at Georgetown University Law Center to bring her students into contact with the real world. The model of just teaching theory for three years, she said, is out the window. What students need and want now is hands-on training. And she described some fantastic examples of her students working with state agencies on issues that actually matter in real time to real people.

Her talk was provocative so it made me think: What ever led us to imagine that classroom teaching alone was a smart way to teach anything practical, like law or business? Medical schools teach in hospitals. Why don't more law schools and business schools teach where their subject is taking place in front of their eyes?

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