Climate Wire: Climate adaptation plans are getting mixed results across the U.S.

October 10, 2014

Ever wonder how state adaptation plans adopted across the country are actually being implemented on the ground? There's now a website that tells you, and the results are mixed.

The Georgetown Climate Center is launching an expansive online database analyzing progress on the plans, which provide guidance on adapting to floods, fires and other climate-related problems. The tool reveals whether a state has an adaptation plan at all, and if so, which programs, laws or regulations may have resulted from goals or guidelines within it.

The center found that 14 states have finalized plans, meaning they have gone through an official state process with a task force or subset of officials and have sent the plans back to the governor or legislature. Additionally, eight more states and Washington, D.C., are moving toward a finalized climate plan via their internal planning process. However, less than half of the states have completed plans, even if their localities sometimes are taking action.

"This research shows that a number of states have started implementing changes that will actually make their communities more resilient. That's good news," said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the center, in a statement after the launch yesterday. "Unfortunately, the research also shows that many states are still not treating this issue with the urgency that is called for."

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