ClimateWire: Obama says Katrina strengthened the nation's response to catastrophes

August 28, 2015

A ClimateWire piece highlighting the President's comments about New Orleans' recovery 10 years after Hurricane Katrina also discusses a new Georgetown Climate Center report about the city's efforts to rebuild in a more resilient manner. 

We learned lessons from Katrina," Obama said. "The whole federal government has gotten smarter at preventing and recovering from disasters."

The story goes on discuss the Climate Center's report released this week that explains how Katrina sparked new efforts to build in stronger ways that could buttress the city against future cataclysms. In assessing the report, the story notes that  federal policies tend to favor hardened infrastructure. Funding for stormwater systems requires that the project results in at least $1 of benefits, or avoided losses, for each dollar invested. But the Georgetown report says that federal policies underestimate the benefits of green infrastructure by failing to capture the value of reduced subsidence or improved water quality.

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