Newsworks New Jersey: Balancing Regional Planning and Home Rule

July 23, 2013

Jessica Grannis of the Georgetown Climate Center discusses efforts to make areas affected by Hurricane Sandy more resilient in this piece for Newsworks New Jersey that details some of the issues that planners and advocates are grappling with as they struggle to restore and remake the Jersey Shore.

Jessica Grannis with the Georgetown Climate Center—which has studied the approaches various states have taken in managing their coastlines—characterizes it as more of a top-down approach, emphasizing the role of climate change impacts in future scenarios. New York City has likewise undertaken a holistic, borough-by-borough assessment of not only what failed and why, but also how to build in greater resilience to future storms. "They took a deep dive on the planning side to direct the money," Grannis said, "whereas New Jersey is taking more of a 'let's get the money out there, let's rebuild, let's get it back up quick,' and maybe think about resilience later."

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