NY Times: 8 States teaming Up to Support Electric Cars

October 30, 2013

Mathew Wald of the New York Times recently interviewed Vicki Arroyo to discuss the impact of the eight state agreement signed to spur the deployment of 3.3 zero emission vehicles by 2025 and the ongoing efforts of the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network.

The Northeast states have already been working together; one early result is a map of the more than a thousand charging stations between Maine and the District of Columbia. Vicki Arroyo, the executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown University Law Center, said the group was working on uniform signage and more standard payment systems — the equivalent of an E-ZPass for electric charging.

To view the full article on the New York Times site, click here.  To learn more about the agreement signed by the governors of eight states to spur the deployment of electric vehicles, click here.