NY Times: An Ounce of Prevention in New York City

September 12, 2012

Reporter Mireya Navarro discusses the steps municipalities are taking to address sea-level rise in a Sept. 11 blog post, following up on her recent story entitled "New York Is Lagging as Seas and Risks Rise, Critics Warn".

Navarro interviewed the Center's Vicki Arroyo for the piece:

“Different cities are ahead in different things,” said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, a research center that assists cities in adapting to climate change. Still, she said, few municipalities feel fully prepared, and most struggle to come up with the funds they need to shore up their resistance.

“There’s no federal requirement, there’s no law that’s compelling anyone to do this, much less pay for it,” she said. “No one would say we’ve got it covered.”

Ongoing efforts to adapt to sea-level rise in New York and San Francisco are highlighted in the story, which can be read here.