Scientific America Highlights Local Adaptation Efforts and the Adaptation Clearinghouse

December 4, 2011

While U.S. legislation to combat climate change remains stalled, this story highlights and recognizes some of the good adaptation work happening in states and cities throughout the country. 

"Although no one has tallied exact numbers, hundreds of communities and agencies are reacting to increasingly severe weather…Vermont, reeling from unprecedented damage from Hurricane Irene, plans to rebuild stronger and better. 'Before, we were thoughtfully changing our codes and standards to make our infrastructure more resilient to changing weather from global climate change,' says Gina Campoli, environmental policy manager at the Vermont Agency of Transportation. 'Now we are just doing it. We can’t be putting things back the same way if they will just blow out again. We’ve upped the ante here.'”

The article also highlights the Georgetown Climate Center's Adaptation Clearinghouse as a resource for those who are interested in learning more about the adaptation work happening around the country.

To view the Scientific American article, “After the Deluge” (subscription only), click here.