The Hill: Environmentalists sound alarm over Barrett's climate change comments

October 15, 2020

Vicki Arroyo, director of the Georgetown Climate Center, who like Barrett is from southern Louisiana, said lived experience alone should make it easy to answer questions on climate change without getting into specifics on cases.

“To actually say ‘I'm [certainly] not a scientist,’ as if that absolves her from having an opinion or enough knowledge to acknowledge its existence, sends a clear signal,” Arroyo said, calling climate denial a Republican talking point that’s diminishing in favor.

Arroyo said Barrett could have been as forthcoming as she was when responding to other questions about whether smoking causes cancer and whether coronavirus is infectious.

“There’s as much if not more evidence” on climate change, she said. “Any uncertainty left has been to show the impacts are more severe and happening at a faster rate than anyone who worked on this over the last 30 years predicted.”


“Now that we’re seeing these impacts, what’s going to happen to the cities, states and individuals most affected, and who’s going to pay for the damage?” asked Arroyo.


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