Washington Post: After Sandy, New York Aims to Fortify Itself Against Next Big Storm, Climate Change

July 14, 2013

Reporter Lenny Bernstein chats with Vicki Arroyo and Jessica Grannis of the Georgetown Climate Center for an in-depth look at some of New York's leading resiliency efforts following Hurricane Sandy.

Under a $19.5 billion blueprint released last month, New York outlined plans to fortify itself not only against the next big storm but against seas that scientists say could rise 2 1/2 feet by the 2050s and other climate-related challenges, including heat waves....

“It’s not rocket science. A lot of these things are things we do already,” said Jessica Grannis, adaptation program manager at the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown University Law Center, a clearinghouse for information on such preparations. “It’s just tailoring them to a changed future.”

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