Fact Sheet: Opportunities for States Under EPA Carbon Pollution Standards

September 19, 2013

The Georgetown Climate Center has developed a document highlighting the opportunities for states under forthcoming EPA carbon pollution standards for existing power plants. Clean Air Act Section 111(d) provides states a significant role in regulating carbon pollution from existing sources, and President Barack Obama has called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to build on the leadership that many states, cities, and companies have already shown in reducing carbon pollution from the power sector.

States can work with EPA to develop a flexible framework that allows for state plans to incorporate and build on existing state programs that are already achieving significant carbon pollution reductions, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, clean energy planning, and regional cap-and-trade programs. These existing state programs are delivering major economic and health benefits, by reducing carbon pollution while investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. A strong, flexible federal standard that builds on these successful state programs can cost-effectively drive the transformation to a cleaner electric system that can meet future energy needs.


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