Low-Carbon Transportation Policy Options for the Commonwealth of Virginia

January 22, 2021

To inform ongoing conversations among stakeholders and government officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Georgetown Climate Center commissioned analysis by Greenlink Analytics to model a variety of low-carbon transportation policy options. The modeling estimates potential benefits and costs from 2022 to 2040 that could result from these policies, including projected reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and effects on jobs, GDP, and public health. For the first phase of this analysis, policy scenarios for the Commonwealth of Virginia include adoption of clean car rules, including Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) and Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards for light-duty vehicles. The second phase of work, expected to be completed later this winter, examines implementing additional policy scenarios, and combinations of policy scenarios, including a transportation sector cap-and-invest program, and ZEV standards for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

We are grateful for generous funding from the Energy Foundation in support of this ongoing effort.

Access Results from Phase 1 Analysis: Clean Car Standards

Pending: Results from Phase 2 Analysis and Detailed Methodology Description