Multi-State Collaboration & Coordination: Proceedings from State & Power Company Dialogue (April 22, 2014)

May 23, 2014

The Georgetown Climate Center  hosted a dialogue on April 22 among senior state, power company, and federal leaders focused on the potential for multi-state collaboration in meeting forthcoming EPA standards that will reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants.

This proceedings document - released to the public on May 23 - summarizes key themes that arose in conversation during the April 22nd dialogue. The contents do not necessarily represent the views of any individual participant.

Participants in the dialogue identified opportunities for coordination and collaboration including:

  • Using common analysis among states to inform program development
  • Developing common approaches to measurement or crediting
  • Developing programs that allow averaging or trading across sources and different state programs
  • Developing multi-state compliance programs with shared targets and compliance mechanisms

Participants also identified the potential benefits of multi-state coordination and collaboration, including potential cost savings and reliability benefits, and potential challenges, such as increased complexity of some multi-state approaches.

For more information about the April 22 convening or to see a copy of the agenda and a list of participants, click here.  To download the proceedings document, click on the pdf link below.