Summary of Senate Transportation Bill

March 16, 2012

This document summarizes the Senate transportation reauthorization bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (S. 1813, “MAP-21”).  MAP-21 authorizes $109 billion for surface transportation programs for two years, an extension of current aggregated funding levels through fiscal year (FY) 2013. Funding for this bill would come from the Highway Trust Fund, but also requires an additional $10.5 billion in revenues and offsets, which are included in the bill. MAP-21 would reduce the number of highway programs from roughly 90 to 30, and restructures the overall federal-aid highway program around five “core” programs: congestion mitigation and air quality (CMAQ), national highway performance, transportation mobility, highway safety improvement, and national freight.

**Please Note: This summary is based on the bill and managers amendment as passed by the Senate on March 14, 2012.  However, until final text of the bill is available, the content in this summary may be subject to change.**

GCC MAP21 Summary[1].pdf