San Diego Union-Tribune: Paris treaty pullout won't derail climate action, experts say

June 9, 2017

Vicki Arroyo spoke with the San Diego Union-Tribune about the work that states, local jurisidictions, and businesses can do to meet climate policy goals despite President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. Still, Arroyo emphasized the importance of federal policy to more fully tackle climate change.

The companies and jurisdictions that have signed onto the Paris goals include major corporations and metropolitan areas, but they’re only a subset of the country, Arroyo said in an interview with the Union-Tribune. Without consistent federal rules, research funding and national investment, the country risks losing ground on energy innovation, she said.

“With the lack of federal incentives that promote renewables over fossil fuels, the lack of a federal floor that requires everybody to be on board, it will be challenging in the long term to have the market alone solve these issues,” she said. “The market is fired up, but over time you need federal policy.”

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