Saving Ourselves: Interviews with World Leaders on the Sustainable Transition

November 7, 2016

A new book being debuted at the Marrakech climate talks showcases thoughtful commentary by heads of state, academic experts, NGO leaders, and business executives about advancing solutions to our most pressing climate and sustainability challenges.

Georgetown Climate Center Executive Director Vicki Arroyo is among the collection of distinguished voices featured in “Saving Ourselves: Interviews with World Leaders on the Sustainable Transition.” The book provides a compellation of more than 90 interviews that offer meaningful ideas and actionable steps to help communities transition to a thriving and more sustainable future.

In the book’s discussion about a clean energy transition, Arroyo says, “Breaking the mold and finding ways to make big changes in the face of deeply rooted interests is always a tough challenge. But we’ve met great challenges before and we can do it again.”

“Saving Ourselves” covers an array of critical issues, including building sustainable cities, preserving biodiversity, and promoting good governance. Continued progress at the state and local levels remains especially important to achieve a lasting transition to a more sustainable future. As Arroyo explains in her book interview, “Actions of states, cities, and other subnational governments played an important role in setting the stage for the Paris Agreement, and will continue to play important roles in helping countries across the world take actions to reduce carbon pollution and build resilience to climate change.”

“Saving Ourselves” is available online as an ebook and in paperback.