St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis region doing little to prepare for climate change

July 7, 2015

Vicki Arroyo's comments at the 2015 National Adaptation Forum are featured in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story by Jacob Barker discussing how efforts to prepare for climate change by St. Louis lag behind several U.S. cities and states.

Across the country, planners are looking beyond trying to control climate change. No longer are they solely focused on cutting local energy use or building bike trails, says the article. Cities, states and the federal government are starting to get ready for the increasingly intense impacts that a warming planet could generate, from heat waves to floods to stronger storms. ...

More than 20 states have climate adaptation planning underway, according to the Georgetown Climate Center in Washington, D.C. Except for Colorado and the Great Lakes states, they’re all on a coast. “In a way, it might be easier to say it’s partisan or maybe they’re liberal states, but I think the coastal connection is really part of it,” said Vicki Arroyo, director of the Georgetown Climate Center.

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