An Overview of Potential Clean Power Plan Compliance Pathways

January 14, 2015

The Georgetown Climate Center has released a policy brief highlighting potential approaches that states could use to comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan—the agency's proposed rule to limit carbon pollution from the power sector.

This overview also compares key characteristics of each potential compliance approach, including: rate-based and mass-based trading programs, state-driven or utility-driven portfolio approaches, a state commitment approach, and a carbon fee.

As proposed, the Clean Power Plan provides states with flexibility to develop their own state compliance plans and to select measures through which to implement and enforce those plans. This document provides state government officials and other stakeholders with an overview of some of the options states could consider in designing and developing their compliance plans.

For additional resources on EPA's proposed regulations, please visit the Georgetown Climate Center's Clean Power Plan Tool Kit.

Click on the link below to download the policy brief.


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