Bloomberg: Trump Is Seen Replacing Obama’s Power Plant Overhaul With a Tune-Up

October 6, 2017

Bloomberg spoke with the Climate Center's Kathryn Zyla about major changes to the Clean Power Plan expected to be announced soon by the Trump administration. Bloomberg reported that the Trump administration is moving to scrap that plan, developed under President Obama, and has signaled that any alternative it might adopt would take a much less expansive approach, possibly just telling utilities to operate their plants more efficiently.

In an interview, Zyla explained the benefit of the Clean Power Plan "is that it enabled states to create programs and enabled companies to find a reduction strategy that was the most efficient and made the most sense for their own content. And that flexibility was really important for the states and companies."

Bloomberg reported that some utilities, including Calpine Corp., PG&E Corp., and Dominion Resources Inc., backed the Obama-era approach. And they are still pushing the Trump administration to be creative now.

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