New York Times: EPA Says It Will Write a New Carbon Rule, but No One Can Say When

October 10, 2017

The New York Times interviewed Vicki Arroyo about the Trump administration's decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The Times reported that when EPA Administrator Scott Pruit signed a blueprint on October 10 to eliminate the major Obama-era climate change regulation, the text said the EPA would at some point consider a new rule to ratchet down greenhouse gas emissions.

But industry leaders and environmental activists predict that when the Trump administration formalizes its plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan, nothing will take its place for possibly years to come, according to the Times. The E.P.A. said it would seek public comment on how to fashion a more modest measure to address pollution from power plants, although the agency has not said when it would do so.

"I think they're just dragging their feet," Arroyo said in the interview. "They've had all this time to figure out what it is they would do if they were in charge, and they've been in charge since January, and they've known since November. So it's literally been a year and they really don't have anything to come up with other than kicking the can down the road? They're basically running out the clock."

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