Clean Power Plan news coverage featuring the Georgetown Climate Center

August 3, 2015

The Georgetown Climate Center, through expert interviews and with insightful resources, informed numerous news stories published in conjunction with the release of the final version of the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which will reduce carbon pollution from the power sector. 

The interviews covered a range of topics, including legal challenges to the Clean Power Plan, carbon trading, and the flexibility granted to states to meet their targets under the plan. For example: 

  • In The Atlantic piece "The politics of Obama’s greenhouse-gas rule," Vicki Arroyo discussed how changes to the final Clean Power Plan made it even more legally defensible.
  • For the Financial Times story "Barack Obama plan pushes U.S. states towards carbon pricing," Vicki Arroyo discussed states' flexibility to engage in interstate carbon trading to meet carbon pollution reduction targets. “It’s a bottom-up approach,” she said.
  • In a Bloomberg BNA story, Kate Zyla discussed interstate trading and the potential for other states to join RGGI. “It's an option that may be appealing to states,” she said. “But it's also not the only way that states could choose to support interstate trading.”
  • In a Casper Star Tribune story, Gabe Pacyniak discussed how Wyoming, a coal-heavy state, may achieve its Clean Power Plan target.

Additional Clean Power Plan coverage informed by the Climate Center included stories in Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, ClimateWire/Scientific American, and the Louisville Courier-Journal.