ClimateWire: From Crop Failures to Flooded Runways, New Climate Report Catalogs Impacts Across Sectors

May 7, 2014

Upon the release of the Third National Climate Assessment report, Vicki Arroyo spoke to ClimateWire about the importance of providing decision makers and the public with accessible information about climate change impacts and solutions. Such practical insights can help vulnerable communities take action to prepare for our changing conditions.

Arroyo told ClimateWire she found the assessment very "user friendly," particularly online, and thought it did open up space to talk about action on climate change.

"It's pretty clear it paves a way for a more robust conversation that we really need to have in this country on how are we going to prepare for these massive changes," Arroyo said.

To view the full article on the ClimateWire site, click here (subscription required).  To learn more adaptation efforts in different states, localities, and sectors in response to climate impacts, visit the Climate Center's Adaptation Clearinghouse.